Grooms Speeches – My Groom Wedding Speech Example

My Groom Wedding Speech Example

Wedding speeches for grooms

Me, giving the speech of my life

When it comes to Grooms Speeches I wanted to give you a great example that is real.

So, I thought there’s nothing better than the very same groom wedding speech that I used.

So, below you’ll find my entire, uneditied groom wedding speech in its entirety laid bare for all to see and copy – be my guest.

I had my groom speech printed in large lettering onto easily held cards.

There were 16 cards altogether and my speech lasted a little over 10 minutes.

Groom wedding speech tip – Don’t forget to number your own groom speech cards.


Because a friend of mine told me that he went to a wedding once and half way through the grooms speeches the groom dropped his cards and put them back together in the wrong order. He couldn’t find his place; or find which card came next in the sequence and the whole speech was rubbish – don’t make the same mistake.

Grooms speeches – Grooms speech example

Card #1

I’d like to thank Norman…….my New Dad for his kind words and introduction just now…(turn to Norman), Norm, you can be my warm up act anytime.

I have been told that this is usually one of the only times in a married man’s life when he can be in the company of his wife and mother in-law and not be interrupted … I may be sometime.

OK, now I know what you’re all thinking but I’d like to reassure you all that I’m not going to stand here and give you a load of stale old wedding jokes.

Naturally I’ll be leaving that to the best man of course.  More on the best man in just a minute.

Card #2


Now for those of you from foreign lands, and having just heard Norman speak, you’ll probably be thinking that he’s got a right brilliant Aussie accent.

but alas, nothing could be farther from the truth….

You see Norman is in fact from New Zealand, not Australia.

Now I could at this point take full advantage of this and poke some fun at our colonial New Zealand cousins from across the Tasman sea.

But I’m not going to do that…..for 2 very good reasons

Card #3

Firstly – My sister Sue now lives in Auckland in New Zealand. And from all accounts New Zealand’s actually not a bad place to live.

And secondly, and more importantly, Norman – my new Dad owns a rather large collection of firearms.

And not only that, I know he’s a bloody good shot.  (turning to Norman)

Norman – I promise to take very very good care of your daughter!


Card #4


(wait till laughter dies down)


Now I know Norman trusts me with his daughter as he’s already given me a receipt which he’s asked me to sign.

It reads:

‘Received, one daughter in perfect condition, fully guaranteed and warranted.

Keep topped up with expensive jewellery, foreign trips, lots of shoes and lubricate with vintage wine.

Comes complete with all optional extras.’

Not to be outdone, my father Dave has a receipt for Debs to sign. It reads:

‘Received one son, sold as seen, no refunds under any circumstances. De-hydrates easily, top up regularly with beer.’


Card #5

I’d certainly like to thank you all for coming today … especially you, Debs.

We both truly hope everyone is all enjoying themselves on this special day.

It’s great to see so many of our friends and family and I can honestly say it would not have been the same without you – just an awful lot cheaper!

But jokes aside, thank you all for choosing to share today with both Debs and I.

We are delighted and touched to see so many of you here. And thank you, of course, for all your wonderful gifts.

Card #6


When it comes to talking about my gorgeous Bride’s good points, where do I start?

She’s intelligent, generous, hard working, popular, and of course  – a brilliant judge of character.


But seriously, today really is the greatest day of my life.

It’s the greatest day of my life because I’ve married my best friend and doesn’t Debs look absolutely gorgeous today?

As we say in Yorkshire back home in the UK – Debs really is a Cracking Lass.

A quick toast to the Bride everyone…..

Card #7


There are so many things which I love about Debs…alas I don’t have time to talk about all of them here of course.

But one of the best is her fascination with History, archaeology and her love of all things old – which is why she probably married me!

I have fond memories of our time in the UK.

Getting up at the crack of dawn to drive around southern England visiting all manner of castles, Elizabethan houses and stately homes.

In fact it won’t surprise many of you to learn that 2-weeks of next years honeymoon is to be spent on a Roman Villa dig in beautiful Tuscany. That truly is Love ladies and gentlemen.

Card #8


The rumours you hear are really true – we met in a Vodka Bar in London.

But it sure has been a magnificent journey to get to this wonderful day;

but I know our most thrilling and exciting adventures are yet to come and I can’t wait to share all of them with you.

(to debs) I love you.  Make a toast to the Bride.

Now, being a staunch traditionalist, I did the time-honoured and decent thing when it came to proposing to Debs.

I went down on one knee … and then went down on the other … and

I said – Norman, will you pay for the Wedding?

And he agreed.

Card #10

I’m extremely grateful to Debs’ parents, so thank you Norman and Marg for laying on this wonderful wedding & reception today – thank you.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to convey my luck and appreciation in joining such a wonderful family.

From the very first day I started dating their daughter I’ve been made to feel truly welcome and part of the Robertson household by Norman, Marg and Deb’s sister Vicki

This was especially true when I moved over from the UK to Australia. Kind, Generous, big hearted,

and of course I can’t forget Nikita the family dog, who’s not here today, but has been particularly welcoming to me and I assure you all that it has nothing to do with me feeding her under the table at family meal times.

Card #11

Now, to my parents Dave and Anthea.

To say just ‘thank you’ doesn’t nearly seem enough.

I can never repay the debt that I owe you for all that you have done for me over the years.

You both taught me to explore and to always seek adventure,

To always have fun and go out and see some of this magnificent world.

I’m sure it won’t surprise either of in the least that I’ve ended up living here in Australia,

On the other side of the world, now happily married to Debs.

Thank you Mum & Dad.

Card #12

Before I finish up I have a couple of other thank you’s to make on behalf of Debs and I.

We’d like to thank Mon & Kate for finding this wonderful venue and tipping us off about it.

To Damian and Jodi who run the venue here at Sault and their wonderful staff who are going to be looking after us today.

Janet, our Celebrant who did a superb job of helping us to put together the Wedding Ceremony and keeping Debs and I on track.

Thank you to our Ceremony readers – Alisha, John & Amanda for their sterling efforts there.

To Barron who’s helping out with announcements and keeping everything running smoothly and on time.

To Ian and Vicki for witnessing the marriage.

To Ian once again who is of course my best man.

Card #13


And once again thank you to each and every one of you for helping Debs and I celebrate this wonderful day.

Seriously though, it really is absolutely terrific to see so many of our friends and family here to celebrate our Wedding Day with us.

Some of you have made an absolute Herculean effort to make it here today and have travelled so far to come and join us in our celebration.

We’ve got guests who have travelled from Canada, America, Bermuda – I’m not even sure I know where that is?

New Zealand – I know where that is – it’s near Wales isn’t it?

We have friends & family from England, and of course from all over Australia. And on behalf of Debs and I we thank you all.

Card #14

Sadly, there are some people very special and dear to us who cannot be here today. But we know they’re all thinking of us and likewise we are doing the same

So I’d like to propose a quick toast to absent friends.

  • To those with little en’s who are still not old enough to fly
  • To the busy self employed and those running new businesses
  • To those who are bravely taking on health challenges
  • To those heroically serving in AfghanistanAnd to those who just simply couldn’t make it today

Please raise your glasses…….To Absent Friends

Card #15


Now before I hand over to my best man Ian…

I should perhaps just mention that he does suffer from a rare medical condition which makes him prone to exaggeration.

He often invents the most fanciful stories which he sincerely believes to be true.

And I hope you’ll all bear this in mind when he stands up to speak in just a few moments.

Ian’s a great friend and I’ve known him for many many years now

We met at work when Ian came to work for our firm

And we must have got on from the start as we very quickly ended up in a house share together.

Things obviously blossomed from there as after a couple of years we eventually ended up even buying a place together!

Card #16


Ian’s a top bloke, a good friend and of course a great drinking buddy….

in fact, back in the day he was affectionately know as the town drunk … which I think is pretty bloody good considering we lived in London!

I’m just kidding.  Ladies and gentlemen…’ve all been wonderful.

On behalf of Debs and I …. Thank you all for coming. Cheers.

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