Grooms Speeches – Groom speech tips and ideas #5

Grooms Speeches – don’t make these fatal mistakes when making your groom wedding speech #5

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  • Last in the current series of top tips that’ll give your groom speech the groom speech X Factor!
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Here’s volume 5 of my tips and ideas to make grooms speeches great:

Top Tip for Groom SpeechesWhen it comes to grooms speeches this next groom speech tip is right up there with the very best of them. It is – Take a bottle of beer or glass of wine up with you when it’s time for your speech. Now you’ll probably do this anyway because remember you need to make some toasts – you know, to the bridesmaids, your gorgeous new wife, the maid of honour, the new in-laws, to your guests etc.

But there’s also another great reason to reach for the beer bottle during your speech should you need to. Now I don’t care if you wrestle rattlesnakes for a living and you think you’re as tough as old boots.

During your groom speech there’s a chance at some point your emotions will take over.  That’s right my friend, and although we men don’t like to talk about it, does happen, even to the best of us.

Because let’s face it, there is a chance during your speech that at some point you’ll get a feeling you’re going to Blub!

Shocking but true, but it could happen. It’s an emotional day and it does happen, even for Grooms. If you feel like your emotions are starting to build up and the waterworks are going to start flowing, simply stop speaking, grab the bottle and take a big long swig, return to the microphone and say something like – “I almost had a moment there people, but thankfully the beer brought me back on track”.

  • Your guests will more than likely have noticed your ‘almost blub’ moment but will also laugh through it and at your amusing comment. They’ll also be pretty proud that you handled it so well. The idea of the beer is to basically stop the blub in its tracks, it allows you to take a moment, gather your thoughts, get back on track and back to the speech. See it as your groom wedding speech ‘get out of jail free’ card. Now you know that should you have a blub moment during your speech you have a great way to handle it.
  • Make sure the venue has a microphone and stand. If they don’t, seriously consider hiring one for the day. The microphone is so everyone can hear the speech. The stand is to put the microphone in so your hands are left totally free. You need both your hands free so you can hold and move through your speech cards easily, hold a beer or wave them both round in an animated fashion. You can’t do any of this if one hand has to hold the microphone all the time.
  • And the last piece of advice from the groom speech tips and ideas section is the number one all time biggest rule for grooms speeches…..and that is to have fun….remember; it’s your big day to.

Good luck….

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